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decision time

I am part of a crew which is in training for Henley regatta, but we have a problem (a bit of a first world problem)

We’re a heavyweight crew, average weight of about 85kg but we are in a boat which is built for an average weight of 75kg. do we move on to a more stable slightly slower but more suited to our weight boat or stick with the current one which is very unstable and too light but a all round much better boat.

That Person…

We all have that cox that just can’t gauge the atmosphere of a race. By this i mean that you go to a really small local race which has about 4 crews in each category, and its a pretty chilled out event, one of those events when its a bit of a taboo to try and actually win it or heaven forbid; break a course record

but out of no where you here this cox steaming down a quiet bit of river in rural England screaming ‘DO YOU WANT THIS!? SHOW ME YOUR WARFACE!!!’

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